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The meaning of “intelligence”

"Charisma, piety and intelligence are modifiers for melee/spell damage in combat for different character classes". Only computer gamers can find a sense in the line.

Just to remind you :
Intelligence: Ability to learn or to understand, to deal with new or trying situations
Charisma: Personal magic of leadership arousing popular loyalty for a public figure
Piety: Dutifulness in religion

Something should be changed here. God doesn't like games that wander too far from reality.
or rather from mainstream reality :)~~

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    בוט זומבי מפרסם גדוד זומבי. יש לי שאלה - איך להגיד בעברית "суки позорные"?

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    . Есть разница между сценаристом, сочиняющим истории, и сценаристом, сочиняющим правильные истории.

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