Impervious horrors of a leeward shore (arpad) wrote,
Impervious horrors of a leeward shore

Let me spell it : S-E-P-A-R-A-T-I-O-N

History knows lots of examples when separation worked. Even when it was bloody and painful.

But history knows no example when "corridors" or "international protectorate" or "UN peacekeeping forces" achieved anything by themselves but short pause before explosion. Neither it knows any capital divided between two states.

A fateful upstairs-downstairs cooperation between the unskilled Palestinian laborer and the moneyed Israeli employer, cooperation that seeds hate by mixing rich Israelis and poor Palestinians should be broken once and for long.

Separation by any cost - that must be our goal. And our Palestinian enemies should bear at least as much of that cost as we do. Because it was elected government of Palestinians that broke out of talks and started this war of terror. And is losing it now.

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