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Один из них был правым гуленистом.

Между тем, в окончательно свободной от всего Турции идет чистка учебных заведений.

Обычная статья про чистки
Unprecedented' Purge in Turkey

Статья двух турецких ученых в защиту чисток. С рядом интересных замечаний о турецкой университетской структуре.
Turkey purge: why the government is clamping down on universities

We doubt if many of the people writing media reports fully understand the situation in Turkey, and know the structure of Turkish higher education.

The biggest reaction has been given to the resignation of 1,577 deans. This number represents the all university deans in Turkey. There was no discrimination. YÖK invited all deans to resign in order to secure the confidentiality of the investigation process.

This might be seen as odd by some of the international community, but it should be known that Turkey has a very centralised higher education system, and YÖK is a constitutionally independent body that acts as a nationwide board of trustees for all higher education institutions in Turkey.

All university deans are appointed by YÖK, so it is not unusual for YÖK to ask for the resignation of people, or even dismiss them. In addition, all these deans can continue their jobs as academics in their universities, because deanship is just a temporary position carried out in addition to scholarly duties.

Therefore, unlike the picture presented in some of the international news, no dean has lost his or her job so far.

Я бы даже отнесся к этому внимательно, но когда начинаю читать следующие пассажи - мои симпатии почему-то вянут

There is evidence of a relationship between Fethullah Gulen, a retired Islamic preacher living in the US, and the military coup attempt in Turkey. This has been demonstrated by reports in the Turkish media of confessions by some junta officers.

So-called “Gulenists” have infiltrated many important state institutions such as the military, the judiciary, the police department and universities. Therefore, there are concerns among the Turkish public because Gulen reportedly called those who stood against the coup “fools”.

Стилистически мне это больше всего напоминает борьбу с троцкизмом. С поправкой на столь цивилизованный 21-й век.

Так что я поберегу свои слезы - пусть турки наслаждаются непревзойденным вкусом молотых драконьих зерен.
Потому что чем слабее они будут, когда полезут возвращать что-нибудь исконно турецкое, - тем лучше.

И как кто-то правильно заметил - сейчас самое время приглашать на работу турецких ученых.

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