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Impervious horrors of a leeward shore


The most powerful special effects you can get in a film is the audience's own imaginative terror. Alfred Hitchcock knew this and exploited it to the extreme, as did Ridley Scott in the original "Alien" film.

As did Spielberg in Jaws. The irony there, of course, is that we were supposed to see tons of shots of the animatronic shark, but we didn't because they could never get it to work reliably. So Spielberg was forced to leave it out for almost the whole movie... which made it much better than it almost certainly would've been otherwise. :D

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    . Комментарий к постапокалиптической книжке на АТ. Содержание - как обычно - зомби, развалины, бандиты - все как доктор прописал. "Великолепно…

  • Перевал Дятлова

    . Определил наконец чувство, которое я испытываю от всей этой франшизы. Брезгливость. Примерно такую же как от наблюдения того как в России множились…

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    . Прочел рекламное объявление блокировщика рекламных объявлений.

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