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Sensor deprivation chronicles++

District 9. - Surprisingly good. Not great, mind it, but good.

There are no good guys there and the dubious nature of our "moral choice" is shown quite well. The weak spot is as usual - not enough depth in depicting the human society.

Still, the explanation through "not compatible technology" is plausible. Yeah, the bad guys are way too simple. Yeah, there is no difference between the gangsters in the alien slums and the shadow research company. But it can be explained by the assumption that the company is as fake as the gangsters are, that the real research has already been done and brought nothing. That all that is left around the District 9 is cat food and vain hope.

What I am sad about - this is how the future is seen now all over the world. As a fake.

The great humankind sci-fi dream is landing. In slums.

Наше небо стало небом черным,
Наше небо разорвал снаряд.
Наши звезды выдернуты с корнем,
Наши звезды больше не горят.

В наше небо били из орудий,
Наше небо гаснет, покорясь.
В наше небо выплеснули люди
Мира металлическую грязь!

Нас со всех сторон обдало дымом,
Дымом погибающих планет.
И глаза мы к небу не подымем,
Потому что знаем: неба нет.

But the future is still there. the recession does not cancel it. Poverty does not cancel it. It is still coming.

And we prefer not to think about it. 90% of sci-fi nowadays is about our precious human nature that should be preserved at all costs, about our desire not to change...


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