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Impervious horrors of a leeward shore


Madali comments about latest Iran elections:

Interior Ministry releases provincial vote count.... Now, lets look at the numbers more closely.

I look at the province of Fars. . In Fars, in 2005, Ahmedinijad got only 242,535 votes (13%). In 2009? 1.7 million! Thats 68%. Karoubi got 16,277 this time (0.6%) but last time he got 546,633 votes (thats double Ahmedinijad's votes!) and he was at 30.9%. So this guy went from getting half a million vote to just 16 thousand?

Here is another quick comparison. Ahmedinijad is winning almost every single province, and almost all of them above 50%. But look at 2005 results, people are winning differently in different province. This makes sense, because Iran is a very diverse country. It would like USA having every single state vote for the same person. One can have a field day with these comparisons.

Oh yeah, caught another one. Look at the province of Kurdistan, usually conservatives lose this state, because of it being Sunni Kurds. Ahmedinijad got 22, 353 in 2005 with only 6%! Karoubi ot the highest at a whooping 32%. In 2009, Ahmedinijad got more than 10 times more than last time, at 315,689, at 51%! From 6% to 51% in four years. Did he suddenly become the hero of all Kurds? Karoubi went from 32% to just 2%! I mean, come on!

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