Impervious horrors of a leeward shore (arpad) wrote,
Impervious horrors of a leeward shore

More of the same

Dear friends, be aware that to move in the direction of justice and human dignity ... the essence of love and affection, the promised bright future of human beings is a great asset that will serve our purpose in keeping us together to build a new world and to make the world a better place full of love fraternity and blessings; a world devoid of poverty and hatred... Let us all join hands in amity in playing our share in the fulfillment such a decent new world.

No, I am not surprised that all these lyrics are going hand-in-hand with invectives about evil Zionist regime.

What I am surprised about is the fact that European delegates can walk out in protest from this dignity show. Makes me think about humankind a little better.

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