Impervious horrors of a leeward shore (arpad) wrote,
Impervious horrors of a leeward shore

פירות וירוקות

Two shekels coin was recently introduced in Israel.

I certainly have no problem with the fact that Israel has no mint of its own. Bills are flown in by air and coins are shipped in containers by sea. They say that the coins are produced in South Korea. Not sure about bills.

What I do have a problem with - is the design of this thing. Yeah, it looked OK in bronze two thousand years ago. But cast in modern nickel it looks like a total crap..

And looking at old Israel coins I definitely can say that there are lots of well designed coins here.

Well, at least it will actually be useful - 1,5 & 10 shekel were a bad combo. Something should help to close the gaps .


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