Impervious horrors of a leeward shore (arpad) wrote,
Impervious horrors of a leeward shore

Взрослый уже человек, а тащу в рот всякую гадость

Батальные полотна в стиле "тяжелый рояль ведет из кустов беглый огонь по летающему камину". Так называемая "боевая фантастика" - жанр порнографический. Политика, любофф, и прочее - не более чем прелюдия перед актом. Но в результате сам акт обессмысливается.

Чтобы перебить чем-то мусорный привкус, перелистал "Искусство Войны".

"The Marquis of Wu was once deliberating on state affairs and none of his ministers' opinions was equal to his. He retired from the court looking pleased. Wu Ch'i advanced and said: 'Anciently, King Chuang of Ch'u was deliberating on state affairs. None of his ministers' opinions could equal his. He retired from the council looking worried. Lord Shen asked: "Why does the Sovereign look worried?" The King replied: "This humble one has heard that the world never lacks sages and that a country never lacks wise men. One able to get a sage for his teacher will be a King; one able to get a wise man for his friend, a Lord Protector. Now I have no talent, and still my ministers cannot equal me. Ch'u is in danger." This is what worried King Chuang of Ch'u, but pleases you. I, your servant, am secretly apprehensive.' Whereupon Marquis Wu looked ashamed."

Умели же.

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