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Impervious horrors of a leeward shore

Alan Johnston

After news about release of kidnapped BBC journalist I decided to do a little SEARCH to find out what he wrote before he become a person whose name returns about 4 million Google hits.

For the settlers, it had been the center of their spiritual world. Now it is just one more scene of utter destruction. It has been partially blown up. The concrete points that formed the great star shape are now no more than ragged stumps. Graffiti on a wall reads: "Israel's gone to hell."

In the shell of a school that the Israelis had left, I had seen the first signs of regeneration. The building has been given to one of Gaza's universities.

But it seems that Mr Abbas has managed to persuade the militants that it is time to lay down their weapons.
During my 12 days in Nablus, the Israelis shot seven people dead - including two ambulance men and a retarded boy. Nablus is a city where anyone so much as disobeying an order to halt during the curfew knows that he is risking the army's deadly fire.

Very well written articles with a lots of interesting observations. Of course I found no word about Palestinians sharing some responsibility for a mess they live in. I must admit, though, that a reader with brains can make this conclusion after reading Johnston - he is not a bad journalist after all.

But - honestly - I am deeply satisfied that Johnston got his share of a coin Palestinians pay to everyone who invest in their cause. To Jordan, where they tried to overthrow government that gave them best rights from all Arab countries where refugees moved. To Lebanon, where they fueled civil war. To Kuwait, where they welcomed Saddam forces coming to rob the country. To Israel, where they throw out a best peace proposal they ever had. To themselves, where they elected a terrorist government...

Welcome to the club, Alan Johnston. I have a good news for you - you choose right people to write about. They will not leave you unemployed.

And, by the way, I am glad that you are out. Cause I don't like to see people in cages.

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