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FARAMIR: We Spartans are hard, strong, strongly hard and hardily strong—the greatest warriors the world has ever known, with our fearsome manliness and our mansome fearliness... And Leonidas slew the biggest bunch of pixels anyone had ever seen in a dark, foreshadowy ravine and returned to us a king.
XERXES: If you refuse to submit, I will wipe every trace of Sparta from this earth! No one will even remember that you existed!
LEONIDAS: Yeah? Then how do you explain this movie?

from paladin and Cleolinda


Have nothing more to say. It's confirmed art of pixels placement. As an original comics and as a movie too. Movie has more pixels, though. And by the way, Sin City is on completely different level. Again - in the comics and in the movie.

I downloaded 300 by e-mule and watched it in fast-forward mode. It still was boring, but some pixels were placed well.

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