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gholam говорит, что у "Мустанга", который я с hlivkie_shorki и компанией в прошлое воскресенье рассматривали в музее ВВС Израиля, под брюхом не глотка маслорадиатора, а глотка компрессора. Чтобы мотор на высоте не задохнулся, понимаешь.

Вроде бы век живи век учись. Однако где же у него радиатор тогда. Дыру под винтом на сайтах упорно называют "carburetor air intake". А далее задумчиво вещают о "новом технологическом решении" не упоминая о подробностях...

здесь уверенно говорят что подбрюшный нарост содержит хитроумно организованный радиатор.

А здесь говорят что : The Merlin Mk 61 engine crankshaft was geared to two supercharger blowers stacked in series. Because of the rapid compression of air, the temperature of the air after it passed through both stages of the supercharger increased by 200 centigrade degrees. In order to lower this temperature and thus increase the mass flow of the air entering the engine, an intercooler was added, requiring an extra radiator. After much thought, it was decided to mount the extra radiator underneath the nose, in the same duct as the ram inlet for the updraft carburetor.....

The North American engineers moved the carburetor air intake from above to below the nose in order to accommodate the Merlin's updraft induction system. The intercooler radiator was added to the radiator group already located inside the scoop underneath the rear fuselage, and the ventral radiator group was made noticeably deeper than before and had a sharp-angled inlet standing more than two inches away from the underside of the fuselage. The matrix and door arrangement of the ventral radiator system were modified. Instead of the oil cooler being situated in the center of a circuular coolant radiator, it was relocated to the front of the duct and provided with its own ventral exit door. Further downstream, in a greatly enlarged duct, was the huge rectangular coolant matrix, with a much bigger exit door at the rear.

Таким образом вроде бы имеем воздухозаборник для карбюратора под винтом и воздухозаборник двух радиаторов под брюхом. Одного для масла, другого для охлаждения воздуха идущего в карбюратор...

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