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Troyan Horse of Carribean

Day after release of Pirates of Carribean, on e-mule search appeared several files with many sources of download named like Pirates.of.the.Caribbean.Dead.Mans.Chest.CAM-HYdRO-CD2.avi.

Looks quite promising? Alas, content of these files was just movie trailer and garbage tail.

I bet the diversion was done by dreaded cthulhu copyright holders. The trick works like that:

- make them download several days
- let them see that they downloaded wrong thing and it took them almost a week
- and this wrong thing contains a trailer, so now they are salivating
- next weekend is coming
- to hell with it, let's go to the movie theatre
- bingo!

Interesting development isn't it?

Of course these pro pirates will find right name in right sites first. But they are few...

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