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R for Remake = P for Primitive

I like the boots I like the at-ti-tude
I like the point at which the legal meet the lewd
I like the thrill of the triumphant will
I like the marching and the music and the mood

 So if some blonde and blue-eyed boy
Would care to teach me strength through joy
And see that all my liberal tendencies are cured

If it should be decreed by Fate
That you invide my neighboring state
Then you will find my frontiers open rest assured

Finally downloaded and watched V for Vendetta. Disappointed.

The original story doesn't begin with a pretty heroine caught during curfew, but with her desperate attempt to earn some money by prostitution (and a very bad luck of catching a government agent instead of a client).

The book isn't about an orvellian society - it's about a degraded dictatorship that emerged after a world war during mass famine. There was no
idiotic "bad government conspiracy". There were desperate times and desperate people succumbed to the vulgar regime. A generation after, when the story takes place,  the regime is weaken...

IMO,  the original plot and feel of the book is completely lost. And worse - it's original message is somehow corrupted.

On other hand, I read the book solely because I heard about the movie - so I do not complain :)

The real V is here


Посмотрел V for Vendetta. Разочарован.

Вульгаризация. Начиная с начала - в комиксе героиня пытается подзаработать проституцией, а не попадается на нарушении комендантского часа... Ну и разумеется никакого конспирологического  "терроризма плохого правительства" нет и в помине. Война была, голод и все прочие прелести.

В книге V борется не с тоталитарной системой, а с тоталитарным фарсом. С убогим коктейлем из кабака, уличной банды и набора пустых лозунгов.  В возможность этой борьбы (особенно в мире комикса) можно поверить.

Оригинал можно за несколько часов сгрузить отсюда. Можно и нужно, потому что книжка таки хороша.

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