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Fundraising diary

My list of Israeli Venture Capital Funds is now 179 entries long.

67 of them don't fit our ugly duckling profile.

37 were approached - from these three showed enough interest to invite us to talk. One of them already refused.

The remained 75 still should be checked. To be sure that they are only invest in their portfolio, that they do not work with electronic games, that they stopped activity completely, et cetera :{}

Good: There finally some interest in electronic games in Israel. Somewhere past middle 2005, venture funds started to look into the field. At the beginning of this year they made a move. There are conferences, pr articles, talk where a year ago was desert.

Bad: Document processing in majority of Israeli venture funds is awful. You should repeatedly call to ensure that your proposal actually reach an analyst. Unless you have a person that introduce you, of course.

To be continued...

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