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People are emotional. Guns are for killing. Best you remember that.

Jerusalem Post Feb. 24, 2006 By Ron Littman

A 25-year-old woman shot and killed a 37-year-old man using a handgun at the end of a birthday party in a restaurant on Har Zion Ave. in Tel Aviv late Thursday night.

The man, identified as Yaakov Fredashev was shot twice in his head and upper body; he died instantly. Police revealed that the man and the woman were related.

The woman, who was licensed to carry the handgun her as part of her work as a security guard, was arrested by police forces, and her weapon was confiscated.

When questioned, the woman admitted to shooting the man and reenacted the incident. The police investigation revealed that both the shooter and the victim were probably drunk when the incident occurred. Fredashev evidently asked the woman show him her weapon.

The woman shot the man when he continued to ask to see the gun in spite of her refusal.

The police brought the woman to the Tel Aviv Magistrates' Court on Friday to request her remand to be extended.


Note to non-israelis - "security guard" is the lowest form of armed life here.


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