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Iran - timetable & human factor

1953-1978 regime of Shah Pahlavi
1979 (26 years ago) Fundamentalists revolution
1980 (25 years ago) War with Iraq starts
1988 (17 years ago) War with Iraq ends
1989 (16 years ago) Khomeini dead
1993 (12 years ago) Moderate Rafsanjani
1997 ( 8 years ago) Reformist Khatami
2005 ( . . . . . . ) err Ahmadinejad


* People that lived inder the shah are now old men.
* People that participated in revolution form active establishment.
* The late war is either man's own experience or "my father was there" thing.
* Young leaders are children of revolution. The war was fought all over their childhood but their life experience is of relatively peaceful times. During this peace a war was always around, though.


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