March 24th, 2015


We are losing it

I am a gamer and in my opinion our society lacks an important layer. Player clans, that provide middle level hubs in all virtual worlds, are absent in the real one.

Family clans of the past were obsolete and unjust. But nothing replaced them.

And now we are hopelessly lost in the maze of the modern world. We just can't keep on with hundreds of ever-changing puzzles. Yes, we still can decipher most of them. But the solution takes more time than we have on your hands.

Can't be players in this world - most of our decisions lack both the power and the expertise to affect the situation. And way too often success of a provider relies on client's bad decision - because bad decisions are what they always do.

No wonder cults and terror cells recruit people so easily.

That's all. Sorry for the awful English.