September 11th, 2011


Hurriyet daily news

Daily reading : Hurriyet daily news - a Turkish newspaper in English

It is sickening to watch how Turkish government officials take turns in slandering Israel.

Sometimes they get too pompous for their own good:
"Last year we exported agricultural products of 180-190 million dollars to Israel and bought only around one fifth or one fourth of that amount [mostly seeds]," Eker told reporters, adding that Turkey is not dependent on Israeli agricultural products.
Well, Turkey is not an only country where agriculture minister has a weak grasp of economics.

But humor aside - even complete breaking ties with Israel economy won't harm Ankara much. Trade volume with Israel is below 3% of overall Turkish import/export. Military will be hit harder - contracts with Israel covered there some sensitive areas, but the gap is not critical and can be filled by a different supplier.

The loss of Turkey as a strategic ally is a blow. But it is a result of what Turkey has become, not what Israel has – or has not – done.

And frankly - I am glad that we aren't friendly with this new Turkey. It would be a shame to harbor such friends.