July 15th, 2007


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Why I do NOT want to watch Charmed?

As the sisters have to struggle with many forces of darkness, death is a common event in their lives. Each of the sisters die at several points in the series, with Piper and Phoebe dying nine times each, Paige dying seven times, and Prue dying three times.

I have enough of that in computer games, thanks.
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    She is already dead enough


So I finally bought myself a backpack instead of my usual shoulder bag. Cause walking with the latter is tiresome.

Spent about half day looking in various shops/checking the Internet before I choose this model. Wenger Sahara is relatively cheap. As all backpacks of Wenger it has air-flow back padding - necessity in Israel. And it is an only backpack of Wenger that is OK for a "white collar". All the rest of them are destined to become student bags bursting from worn books, papers and CD-s. They are either too small or too big and tend to have only two compartments while Sahara has three.

Now I again have one bag that is large enough to accommodate all my daily things and looks civilized enough to be taken everywhere. And it leaves my hands free.

Funny - I am in a good mood because of that. Is that's what women on shopping spree feel, I wonder...