December 30th, 2006


The death of politness? Or death of joy?

1. Kristofer Straub rants:
I was also leaving a theater a few months ago with a friend, talking about the movie we’d just seen, and I realized everything that was coming out of my mouth was nitpicks, corrections, things the filmmakers could have done better.

When did that take precedence over “that was a great movie?” When did that replace “that was a great movie?” I’m ashamed of myself. I’m an insufferable expert in a world of insufferable experts.

When did the anonymity of the internet first take hold in that way? There was a first time when someone shared pictures of their family vacation in Solvang — and the first commenter did not say “that’s cool,” or “I’ve never been to Solvang,” but “man, you have a fat face.”

2. Scott Kurtz comments:
All I would add is that I’m guilty of this myself. I think it’s a frame of mind that a lot of media companies are actively herding us into, actually. The industry of “preparing” for new media to be released has become almost bigger than the industry of releasing new media.

We’ve all been made “experts”. We’ve all been invited behind the scenes. We won’t purchase DVDs that don’t contain detailed documentation of the process including all the deleted scenes and line flubs.

Are we losing something in this bargain? Are we losing the magic by becoming so involved in the process?


Yes, it is really interesting to contemplate, indeed.