October 17th, 2006


Think out of the box++

Found it via theferrett. Made my evening. Original post is here
See also page about the bike and its owner at Davis, California Wiki

Okay, so I was at work today, in the back room, fixing up my Mom's laptop, when I hear voices coming from our little parking lot. I went out in case if they were customers, and then for some reason checked out the door. That's when I find a few cars parked, and some guys hanging around. But what stood out the most was this:

"What is this strange contraption?" you ask. At first I (jokingly) thought it was a time machine. One of the guys aweing at it said it's something you'll never come across anywhere else, for sure. It actually happens to be both the home and mean of transportation for a nomad.

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Жилище и средство передвижения современного бомжа-кочевника. По словам автора записи, владелец механизма утверждает что у него как правило не бывает неприятностей с полицией. В маленьком домике тепло зимой. Солнечная панель сверху и педали питают аккумулятор от которого работают радио и даже маленький телевизор. Скреплен домик отнюдь не клейкой лентой а полосами толстой алюминиевой фольги.

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