October 15th, 2005


Being under influence doesn't make you a writer

Jonathan Carroll
The Wooden Sea

I am sick of books like that. The technique consist of writing down your dreams (I don't care if that was achieved through drugs or not) and hope that emotional load will somehow outweigh absence of a story.

Two mistakes.

First - author forget that these emotions do exist in writer's, not reader's head. In process of transfer they rot, they smell bad, they smell false.

Second - author actually expect the reader to like that mess of storyline. Sorry - I can't. I can take open end, I can take loose ends, I can take even a failure to reach the end. But I can't stomach the blind following of author's dream. Dreams lead nowhere. They need to be interpreted awake to make sense.

Writing is about a fight with the universe. Attempt to understand, attempt to create order out of chaos.
Writing is about a fight with a language – pushing borders of what is allowed, creating names for things that weren't named.
Writing is about a fight with a reader for his attention, for making him follow into your vision.

Writing is not about luring a reader into rotten compost heap of your subconscious. Regardless of how many pearls can be found in that heap.

A hoax most cruel

Identifying himself as a police officer, the caller issued an ultimatum: Ogborn could be searched at the store or be arrested, taken to jail and searched there

...and only 3 hours later...

it was Simms, the Mount Washington store's maintenance man and a ninth-grade dropout, who refused to play the caller's game

Typical hoax exploits working social reflexes. Sometimes to horrifying degree.

But it is worth to remember that the bastard behind the hoax did many calls before reaching a victim he could persuade. Like nine out of ten managers he tried had enough common sense to refuse him.

People aren't that simple and aren't that stupid.
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