January 10th, 2005


Str -1 Cha +1

I must confess - I do like sexy looking women characters in computer games. With one exception - when they wear The-Famous-Chainmail-Underwear-By-Boris-Vallejo. Or anything of that sort.

I don't buy armor that leaves belly button naked. If I have had to meet with with sharp steel I would prefer my belly button under as many layers of leather and chain as it possible. I don't buy exotic dancers with swords either. Swords are sharp. Every sensible person will keep them away from her intime parts. A story about knight who put naked sword between himself and naked woman in his bed is not some silly medieval joke.

A note for book lovers - if a hero wear hidden chainmail and feel that cold metal rings touch his body - author should take pause writing fantasy and read some books. You can't wear chainmail over naked skin. If you want your skin to survive your first walk, of course.
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