October 19th, 2004


Megayachts legacy

No wonder that the thing at the picture looks like speedboat - its cruising speed reaches 60 knots.

But this speedboat weigths 90 ton and is 36 meter long.

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People say that megayachts are a hole in the water to pour owner's money in. It's true. With price of $24 million WallyPower118 needs another million each year just to keep it afloat.

And with all that appetite it is no more than Mediterranean toy. For cruises of several days length at best.

So should we approve such a waste when people die of hunger? I think we should.

Sure, rich always wasted money on toys. But from extravaganza of rich aristocrats come beautiful palaces that now held museums and other public institutions. Music, theater, painting, literature - all of them grew in shade provided by rich before they become strong enough to live on their own. Even a scientific revolution of XIX century takes roots in extravaganza of XVII.

I do believe that "irresponsible games" aren't drugs that help us to cope with painful reality, aren't ivy twining around a tree of humankind. Contrary - irresponsible games are part of a framework that keeps the tree from falling and directs its growth.

Ludu ergo sum.