September 8th, 2004


Recent findings about undead

..., cursed be his name, provided the Alpha Bitch Club with a copy of "Night Travels of the Elven Vampire" by LaVerne Ross. He spent over $16 on this book, which in and of itself is a crime of epic proportions, and then he sent it to us

Yes, Alaric is a vampire. And he shapeshifts into a wolf. Alaric is also an Elf. It also turns out that Elves are aliens from the planet Telvron, where there are also sentient trees and unicorns. And he's telepathic too, because he talks to his brother Marti'el that way. So that makes Alaric an alien vampire werewolf psychic writer. Got that? Good. That way you won't get confuzzled when he becomes a pirate.


Undead Technical Support

TS: Now look into his eyes and laugh maniacally.
Cust: heh heh hehehe heh
TS: Ummm -- try a more maniacal laugh, kind of like this: MUHAHAHAHAHA...

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Oх уж эти tempora

Женщина приходит заказать гостевое приглашение.
«Я вызываю русскую женщину, не молодую. Могут ли быть проблемы с визой и какие?»
«Даааа. Жаль будет, если ее не пустят. Она к крестнику на Бар-Мицву едет...»

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