August 25th, 2004



I am not a sport man. Nor I am a sport hater. This is just completely outside of my interests field.

Therefore, LJ is the only channel that feeds me Olympic news.

And what do I get via this channel? Not "Look how nice she run" or "Look how beautiful he jump". Instead I read "she used doping, but was caught", "judges are bought", "USA got too many medals", "Olympic jury politics are false and aimed to give each country their own gold share", "Iran-Israel boycott case" etc

Sorry, dear friends, but you confirm my suspicion that athletics are dead.

Heh, it works

Try this: While sitting at your desk, raise your right foot slightly off the floor and begin moving it in clockwise circles. Now, with your right index finger, draw the number 6 on your desk. Your foot has suddenly changed directions!
Сидя за столом приподними правую ногу и двигай ее кругами по часовой стрелке. Теперь указательным пальцем правой руки нарисуй на столе шестерку. Нога изменит направление движения на противоположное.

found by bsoares
ANGRY red squirrel

The first social invention of XXI century.

The so-called Al-Qaeda terrorist tactics consists of hitting multiple civilian targets at same time without taking responsibility for the act.

The action can be timed a few days before election or other important political occurance in the targeted region.

The method can work only on ethnic or religious rift. The desired effect is win-win situation. If enemy scared and retreats - all is good. If enemy angered and attacks - it is good too, because as a result the rift deepens.

The inventors don't really understand that on the bottom of Western culture lays a sleeping beast. Random attack without backtrace risk to awoke it, because this type of attack hits the main pillar of Western society - idea of personal responsibility.

Hope the awakening won't happen.