August 16th, 2004


This explains everything...

Great thanks to bandersnitch and zamiel who found out the truth.

"Alright, so that's Saddam Hussein, 95% chance found in lair, and treasure types A, B. C, and five of D. Looks like you found ... underwear, and a gun."

"Good job on that natural 20, Rummy. Your dice luck is crazy."

"I wanna shoot him!"

"Shut up, Dick. We're taking him back to town."

"But ... Condi ..."

"Jesus, you guys. Laura'll kill me if you get pizza on the carpet this week. Keep the Mountain Dew over the table."
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Клин вышибается только клином. Деловой провал - деловым успехом. Неудавшаяся любовь - новой любовью.

Вышибленное забывается. То что остается невышибленным ноет, и мешает жить.
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