June 5th, 2004


А way to show discontentment with the local politics

GRANBY [USA, Denver area] — A 52-year-old welder nursing a grudge against the town fathers and driving a bulldozer converted into a war machine ripped the heart of this high-country ranching town from its foundations Friday. The man was angry at a zoning decision that allowed the concrete plant to expand around his building instead of buying his land.

The machine had a half-inch steel plate with a layer of concrete, and another steel plate. On the front of the machine, there were two rifles mounted where he could shoot straight ahead.

Among the structures destroyed or heavily damaged in a relentless 90-minute rampage were Granby's town hall and library, a bank, the town's newspaper, an electric cooperative building, Gambles Store, an excavating business and a house owned by the town's former mayor, as well as a concrete plant adjacent to the business of the man believed responsible for the bizarre assault.

Finally the bulldozer got stuck in one of town buildings and police officers found the perpetrator dead inside it.

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