February 17th, 2004



In addition to my usual CIA factbook I finally discovered Nationmaster.

Part of services are paid, but comparison of countries by single factor is free.

several examples:

GDP per capita
Military expenditures % from GDP

suicide rate - males
living people with AIDS per capita
Probablity of reaching age 65

internet users per capita
cell phones per capita

But the most horrific fact I found there, was that
Japan has a second large number of Mac-Donalds in the world


Жена говорит программисту:
- Сходи в магазин, купи батон колбасы. A если есть яйца, возьми десяток. Программист приходит в магазин и спрашивает:
- У вас есть яйца?
- Есть.
- Тогда дайте мне десяток батонов колбасы. (c)
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