January 14th, 2004

ANGRY red squirrel


I am getting really sick about our politicians. Pitiful $ 9 million. For one of the best programs in the field.

Jerusalem Post Jan. 13, 2004
Israel and US Jewry betray birthright

It has been hailed across the political and religious spectrum by rabbis, educators, and statesmen alike.

In just four years, it has brought tens of thousands of Jews to Israel, injected tens of millions of dollars into the Israeli economy, and helped to energize Jewish youth in dozens of communities throughout the Diaspora.

It has made significant inroads in saving young Jews from assimilation and intermarriage, and reaffirmed the centrality of the Jewish state to the future of the Jewish people.

So this year, how exactly has Israel's government decided to reward the birthright israel program – known here as Taglit – for its unprecedented accomplishments?

By slashing its funding.
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