October 31st, 2003


RTS 499.66

And it is only beginning of the incredible reality show presented by General Market Prosecutor.

That funny feeling of someone else war...
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    A la guerre comme à la guerre

The wolf was eaten by rabbits. Amen.

CNN Friday, October 31, 2003

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (Reuters) -- A man described by authorities as a known sexual predator was chased through the streets of South Philadelphia by an angry crowd of Catholic high school girls, who kicked and punched him after he was tackled by neighbors, police said Friday.

Rudy Susanto was later treated for injuries at a local hospital. Police said he would be charged with 14 criminal counts including harassment, disorderly conduct, open lewdness and corrupting the morals of a minor

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Synthetic diamonds?

If this is a truth, it is really good. Cheap synthetic diamonds of optical quality can find lots of uses. I don't sure about semiconductors, but there are a lot more than that.

This development, though, can give another blow to Israel economy due to our involvement in diamond business. Of course, what we do is shaping the diamonds, not mining them. But when the final price will drop, so will the earnings. And final price of diamonds is way too high.

Also, since need to smartly cut stones for several parts disappears(they will be cheap), the process can instantly became technologically easy. And thus moved to India or China or became automatic.