June 3rd, 2003


Real urban vampires

Looks like spiritual intoxication become a real problem in UK same as alcohol intoxication in USA.

What’s a cult? Basically it is a parasite structure that lures its members in belief they do something while all they do is wasting their own life and savings.

The main question is how to find a difference between cult and valid non-profitable urban games. Mind control technique used by cults give a kind of answer.

The typical writings on the wall are:
  • cult fear any intervention from outside world

  • cult value obedience more than responsibility and creativity

  • cult discourage questions

  • Other pages of CIC (Cult Information Centre) site contain some interesting data too, but IMHO its FAQ section is the best.
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    OMG. People are dumb.

    And when you starting to think the opposite, you discover stories like this one:

    Japan photojournalist sentenced in Jordan

    A Japanese photographer was sentenced to 1 1/2 years in prison Sunday after a bomb he took from Iraq as a souvenir exploded and killed an airport security guard in Jordan.
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    Есть основания для оптимизма

    rudis рассказал :

    У Колбасьева описан эпизод гражданской войны на Волге. Атака кавалерии на миноносец. Ну, там гулкий топот копот по доскам причала, блеск сабель. На пароходе паника. А старый опытный военспец стоит на мостике, курит сигару. Обезумевший народ чуть не берет его за горло - Что так?

    Тот им отвечает - Не состоится. Трап узкий.
    Так что ко всему нынешнему политическому шуму и рванию на груди предпоследних рубашек.

    - Занимайтесь-ка вы лучше своим делом, господа. Трап узкий.