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Eden Natan Zada

Eden Natan Zada opened fire aboard a bus in the Arab town of Shfaram, in northern Israel. The so called police "arrested" him, half hour later angry mob killed him handcuffed in the same bus.

I am not 100% sure if he did act of terror, defended his life or just get mad. But I am quite sure that all recent orange propaganda makes me beleive in the first version. And I am quite sure that (if the version is correct) he will enjoy the company of palestinian "martyrs" in the same hell regardless of being murdered.

It is sad day when what I thought about becomes true. Especially when it becomes true as a result of a deep structural crisis of right wing ideology, crisis that can do lasting harm to us.

And one more thing - I don't want to have two more million people who produce police like that in my country.

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