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A glass bead game ( Ru -> Eng )

Оригинал (c) samka

взрослые люди расстанутся так:
он скажет - дура
она - сам дурак
ему эскаватор
совок и ведерко
ей старую барби
расческу и стерку
пустая песочница мокрые глазки
разбитое сердце из красной пластмаски

Translation that fits my own taste by rukenau

This is how adults split:
He says, silly cow; she says, half-wit
He gets the toy car, the bucket, the scoop;
She gets the Barbie, the comb and the hoop.
Sandbox's deserted and eyes are wet
And the heart is broken, of plastic, red.

And so two adults will break up like this:
He'll say, you're a moron
She'll say she is pissed,
He'll take the steam shovel
The scoop and the bucket,
She'll leave with the Barbie
and a comb in her pocket.
The sandbox's deserted, in tears she can see,
A plastic heart broken that lies in debris.

two grown-ups are breaking it off:
he calls her a moron
she tells him “back off!”

he picks up hot wheels
his scoop and the bucket
she yanks back the Barbie
stuffs comb in her pocket

the sandbox is empty
the eyes full of tears
The plastic red heart
marks the final frontier.

The adults will part in class:
He'll call her silly,
She'll use the word "ass",
He's clutching his toy truck, it doesn't roll,
A tiny bucket and a little scoop,
She's hugging her ragged Barbie doll,
An eraser, a hairbrush with the loop,
The sandbox is empty, the eyes are teary,
The plastic red heart is broken, it's eerie.

More in ru_translate


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