Impervious horrors of a leeward shore (arpad) wrote,
Impervious horrors of a leeward shore

Impervious horror of the leeward shore

Found in O'Brien's "Master & Commander" a phrase that fits my "current mood" like a glove. The meaning? All hands on a ship that is blown closer and closer to the shore work as hell, tack follows tack, but the only result is ship standing at same distance from the shore. At same distance till the crew is strong enough to drive it.

My computer game project eats me from inside. And I have no choice but struggle forward till the wind change. Struggle knowing that the only alternative is a wreck. And that lasts already two years and half.

O, Almighty, help me to overcome my laziness, help me to learn from my mistakes, send me your blessing. Let me fulfill my duty to you, don’t drop me into oblivion.

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