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Flowing With Honey

Don’t do that:

Step one – jump from Tel-Aviv bus and buy food in nearby store to save time.
Step two – drop one of numerous packets.
Step three - don’t look into this packet.
Step four – take taxi home and sit comfortably in the back.
Step five – reach home and find out that your trousers are sticky because honey jar broke and the honey, well, flowed out from it.
Step six – think about honeyed backseat of the taxi.
Step seven - [censored]


Well, I was always lucky. On aftermaths.

First of all I found out that teflon enhanced fabric is a good idea.
Honeyed teflon protected trousers + wet towel = trousers + honeyed wet towel.

Then I remembered what station my taxi was from. I called them immediately, they called the driver and warned him about honey hazard on backseat.

So I am four dollars poorer but my mood is OK.

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