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Getting practical

Let’s face it – a double morale standard do exist.

Former Iraq could attack neighbor countries and kill thousands of its own citizens. Assad can openly feed terror groups. Arafat can spit on agreements he made. Chechen militants can bomb crowded stadium. Zimbabwe can push white farmers off their land. North Korea can use nukes as valid argument in getting aid. No one seriously count it as crossing a red line.

Why? Because all are silently sure: this is what those barbaric states are supposed to do.

On other hand, US occupation of Iraq, Israel targeted killings of terrorists, Russian reconquest of Chechnya, Serbian attempt to find military solution in Kosovo were labeled a grave offense to humanity.

Jail abuse by US soldiers or lone Jewish terrorist instantly become a point of national politics. Point that forces country leaders to mutter apologies and start investigations. Whereas cutting off head of captured American or killing Jewish children is just legitimate show of people’s anger. Whereas habit of killing your own sister or daughter for family honor sake is just a part of Islam domestic culture. Whereas – well you all know what I am talking about.

In the end of previous century there was hope of raising common degree of civilized behavior in the world. Do we still believe in that now?

I am afraid that the situation will continue, amplified by the media, and unresolved on every level of political and ethical thought.

And if that will continue long enough - at some point Western feeling of moral superiority will snap. I am horrified by the consequences. Because with superiority goes responsibility.

You think that US behavior in Iraq bad? Well – imagine the same but without any “program of rebuilding”. Imagine the same as a true ruthless conquest aimed to take natural resources, kill most of population and push the rest into Stone Age. Do you really think US, France, Japan, Russia can not do that? Do you really think that caught between economical and political troubles they will remain sane?

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