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Techworld 09 March 2004

The US government has just bought the world's biggest ever solid state disk from Texas Memory Systems.

The 2.5TB system is "the largest SSD installation in the world by far, without question", the executive VP for TMS, Woody Hutsell, told Techworld. The previous biggest one was under 500GB, he told us. At 2.5TB, it is roughly 10,000 times the size of the RAM in your PC.

What that means in simple English is that the US government has just bought the world's biggest RAM drive in order to speed up cross-checking across several vast databases.

Brute force in information analysis must not be underrated. Techworld thinks about homeland security dept. behind the purchase. I am not so sure.

But I hope that recent political and economical events finally brought the government to realisation of a simple fact - it is blind. And to have open eyes in modern world one should cease to operate with facts, and base decisions on combination of those facts - i.e. on statistics.

thanks to igorlord for the link

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